5 Types of People Who Simply Holistic Life is for

Does it seem like sometimes one part of your life is overriding the other? Have you let a critical part of your life sit on the back burner for too long and then paid the price? If you can relate to these statements or the ideas behind them, then Simply Holistic Life is for you.

Are there only five types people? Not really. It’s highly doubtful I could summarize all people who could benefit from Simply Holistic Life in five types, but I had to start somewhere!

Just to get us started, I’ll give you a few ideas that are swirling through my brain and then we will let it grow from there. I have no doubt that thousands, if not millions, could benefit from the principles we will be sharing and I’m excited to get started on the journey.

When I first came up with the idea for Simply Holistic, my brain was leaning toward a life dedicated to eating whole foods, detoxifying life, exercising, yoga, etc. Like the picture perfect life of wholism, know what I mean? Then, I got a reality check.

As I was developing my plan for this blog, I began to realize that I could not teach and help others do something that I wasn’t able to do myself. I’m at the point in life where I want to change my course on many things before it’s too late. But, I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to do better and work on improvement as I go.

So, my course had to change a bit. Simply Holistic Life evolved into helping people bring their fragmented lives together and then simplifying them. So what does that mean?

Let’s begin by understanding who those five types of people might be.

  • Women (men possibly) searching for ways to improve their eating habits and their health.
  • Anyone seeking lifestyle changes toward retirement and healthier living.
  • Those seeking to improve their mental as well as their physical health.
  • Seekers of organization in all components of their lives
  • Planners of financial betterment for now and their future

Please know when I say this, I am not being age-phobic or age-biased. However, many of these areas of life, I feel people don’t think much about until they get a little older, after we’ve made mistakes and paid a price for not thinking of our habits, health, finances and simplifying our lives sooner. This may occur in the 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s. These thoughts may occur at other ages, but from what I’ve learned the middle years are the most common.

People searching for better eating habits and health

Many of us as we age become health challenged. Some of the most common problems are obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac issues, depression and anxiety. Yes, these can occur in younger years as well, but often by the time someone hits middle age a couple of these and others have come to call.

If you’ve gotten to any point in your life and discovered that your food habits are causing you harm, you belong here with Simply Holistic Life. Perhaps you’ve gotten so tired of cooking over the years and convenience foods are just too easy. We’ll talk about that as well.

Many of us follow in the habits and teachings of our upbringing. I remember when eggs were horrible for you and now they are praised as a healthy food. Butter is kind of the same way, if you’re going to use fats. Margarine which used to be the best alternative is a now known to be a more deadly option.

Do we have a reason to be confused? You bet we do. Many of us grew up in an age where we thought we could trust. We never dreamed the food being prepared for us and being made more convenient, was actually going to make us much sicker.

This blog will provide research, recommendations, methods of planning and prepping and recipes to help bridge some of the nightmare that has been food in our lifetime.

Retirement and healthier living

Some people are lucky enough to have been taught from a young age to plan for retirement. Others have the pleasure of being born to families where this is not of concern. The rest of us, which make up the majority, are whom I am talking to with this component of Simply Holistic Life.

Bringing your retirement considerations and what will a healthier life look life for you now and later into your life plan now is critical. There is no one size fits all for this portion of life either. Nope, life can’t be that easy.

We know from data and statistics which I will share and discuss, that the majority of folks over 40 years of age are not prepared for retirement. Many will have to work well into their 70s and beyond. Others will have to choose between food and medications.

Is that right? Absolutely not. Is there anything we can do about it? Yes there is and now’s the time. I want to help you to take those planning and preparatory actions that will ease your mind as you approach what really should be those golden years.

Improving mental and physical health

These are two of the areas that we seriously neglect when it comes to our whole being. We so often say we’ll do that someday, but someday just never comes. Then, we find ourselves on the wrong side of both our physical health and our mental well-being.

What can we do to prevent this occurring? Better yet, what can we and should we do, if we waited too long and now have to find our way back?

We gain knowledge, develop a plan and work on our habits. Is that easy? Definitely not. Can we do this with the support of a community of like-minded people? Yes, we can. And that’s part of what we will be accomplishing here at Simply Holistic Life.

The first step will be to realize just how important your health is. Both mental health and physical health can deteriorate if we are not paying attention to it. Now it’s time to pay attention and embrace ourselves for the important beings that we are. We can turn around that depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and diabetes, the obesity and arthritis also can be helped.

Perhaps we can’t fix these 100%, but we can sure make a big enough dent in it that you will know you’re getting better. By learning and applying, sharing and caring, we as a community can learn and grow together as we all heal.

Organizing life

For those who grew up without, getting more stuff when you could just seemed like the thing to do. That along with years of accumulation, inherited items and freebies from friends and family often lead to a massive accumulation of stuff.

This may be clothes, shoes, books, or furniture, knick knacks and electronics. It doesn’t matter which category the excess falls into, eventually it bogs us down and burdens our lives. It doesn’t matter if we can name every item, where it came from and who gave it to us. Eventually, it all becomes dust collectors and not the essence of what you want your life to be about.

Our electronic world is similar. We collect and collect, photos, quotes, clip art, emojis and more until we have to buy more space. That’s the equivalent of paying someone for a storage unit down the road just to store your junk. Really? What’s the point in the excess?

I’m not a feng shui expert. I’m not a tiny house person either. What I am is someone who has learned these lessons from living them. The excess doesn’t bring happiness. It doesn’t make you richer, smarter or a better person. It can however make you depressed, anxious and with less dollars in your retirement account.

We will work on this area of our lives from many avenues. We will discuss cleaning out. How will we get rid of stuff? Sell it? Give it away? Or throw it away? We’ll see. There is not much we won’t consider when it comes to the excess of life. First though, we will look at the why.

Financial future

What does your financial future look like? If you were taught well young, perhaps you’ve done better. I’m happy for you if that’s the case. If not, then you likely are somewhere between too much junk, not enough money and scared as hell about your retirement and having to choose between housing, food, and medicine.

The later is definitely the worst case scenario, but it’s also a reality for many. No those individuals are not likely to be reading this blog so I may not be able to help them here, but changes can be made. Those changes may be to prevent others from getting there. Perhaps some will help those individuals to get out of there.

The possibilities are endless. The critical factor is learning that things can change. There is no point that’s too late until it’s too late. Have you ever heard a story about someone who was homeless and eventually became wealthy and was able to give back to others? It’s real. It happens.

I’m not telling you that Simply Holistic Life will be able to create miracles. I am telling you that together we will be able to plan a better future, know how to work on and implement that plan and be prepared. You and I can have a better future and a comfortable retirement. Let’s get busy learning how.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Whew!! Man do we have a lot of work to do. Okay, that’s one thing I forgot to tell you about me. I am honest to the point of fault at times. I’m not going to tell you all of the above is easy. There’s not a magic bullet or a fairy godmother.

What we will have is a growing community. We are going to learn and grow together. Together we can accomplish a Simply Holistic Life by examining the pieces, learning, dissecting and putting them back together.

Thanks for joining me on this exciting journey. I can’t wait to hear the stories of your life changes.

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