5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With

I want to help my audience with simplifying their lives. In the hectic world we live in nowadays, even simple tasks can become chaos and stressful. This can lead to anxiety, burnout, depression and other even less attractive outcomes.

So many of my friends, family, coworkers and yes, even myself have fallen prey to just trying to keep up. Why?

Why is it that we feel our homes, family life, health (mental and physical) and even our pets don’t deserve optimized time? Is it because we put too much emphasis on one thing over the other? Like finances perhaps.

Or is it because we are just too busy being busy and we don’t have time to stop and think until we realize life is passing us by?

Here are 5 of the heartfelt ways I want to help my audience with.

1. Provide a variety of easy to follow and use food plans.

Food seems to be one of those areas where many of my friends tell me they are often under prepared. When they try to knuckle down and try to get organized on this topic, it becomes overwhelming and they just give up because of the increased stress.

Okay folks, honestly, organization and improved processes at home are not meant to increase stress. It should help decrease your stress load by providing easier to use methods to keep life under control. That’s what I hope to bring to you. If you’re willing to let me, I will learn and grow with you. Together we can create an optimized system that helps thousands.

First, I will offer you some ideas that have proven to be successful for others. These will include things like education, outside-of-the-box thinking, planners, printables, charts, planning methods, cards and more.

2. Recommend only the best methods for optimizing health (mental and physical).

This is one of those areas where we think it should just be easy, but we know it’s not. Too often, these are the areas that we allow to take a back seat to our busy lives and the hecticness they bring. Unfortunately, we may not begin to give these areas the attention they deserve until something happens.

Those somethings may be health issues often related to our hearts, bones, joints, anxiety, depression and more.

The way I want to help my customers in this respect is to help prevent these issues when possible. Conversely, I will be helping those who need to find their way back once some of these issues have arrived.

Sometimes age is a factor, but not always. Often, it’s because we let things go until we get to middle age and beyond. Once health issues begin to plague us, we think it’s too late. I’m here to help us understand that it’s never too late.

3. Fun ways of optimizing your home environment and upkeep.

No one ever tells you how difficult it is to keep up with everything when you’re younger. Slowly but surely you acquire stuff, then a home of some kind. Time passes and there’s more stuff, maintenance, upkeep and the like.

There are many intricacies of keeping our personal environments clean, safe, reliable and optimized. Too often, there are processes that get forgotten and out of hand.

Sometimes those manifest in clutter, overstuffed closets and lack of space. Then, we think we need a bigger and better space which comes with more stuff and more stress. Other times, lack of keeping up with all that home stuff may lead to early loss of function for high dollar items. Again, more stress.

Helping prevent that stress and understanding the benefits of a little bit of planning on the front end can have amazing effects on your emotional and mental life. I hope to bring you an understanding of these benefits and methods to put them into action.

4. Evidence and techniques for optimizing self-care.

Now we come to one of the absolute most neglected part of humanity. Perhaps not in all ethnicities and cultures, but definitely in many of them.

This neglect of self-care has led to worldwide problems of obesity, depression, and suicide, just to name a few. The saddest part of these harmful trends is they don’t have to happen. Are they 100% preventable? No, likely not. But, could we greatly decrease the occurrences of these trends and lessen the impact to our families and society? Most definitely!

It is with a grateful heart I will consider myself privileged to lead you into a beginning or deeper journey of self-care. This is never a selfish venture because in the long run you will have much more to give and share.

There are a host of methods of implementing self-care in one’s life. I, no doubt, will learn from my audience also. I thank you in advance for the honor.

What skills do you have that can help someone else? Are you super organized and you can help the stressed mom declutter her messy house? Can you help the new homeschooling parent taking on the education of their child? Do you have skills to motivate women to stick to their workout routine?

5. Write a weekly blog post to share new information and knowledge.

My weekly blog post will be meaningful and not just words thrown on a page. It’s important to me on a personal level that I bring value to you with each interaction.

Posts will contain information about the above topics and more including finances and pets, two critically important aspects of many lives. Other topics may arise through your input and questions.

Eventually, I hope we will develop a community of like minded individuals who can learn and grow together. Our journey may be challenging at time, but we will be there together as we optimize each aspect of our lives.

Beyond blog posts and community learning, it is my hope to be able to bring this message to the world on platforms such as books and perhaps even webinars or other online venues. Wherever the future leads with Simply Holistic Life, the foundation and most critical part will always be my readers and blog because this is our beginning. I thank you for being here.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

It is with gratitude that I thank you for sticking with me to the end. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the topics addressed above. When looking at life as a whole, some of the most critical factors that come to mind for the many I have inquired with are food, health, happiness, self-care, and home. Throughout our journey we will investigate, learn and grow in all of these areas and more, I am certain. Again, thank you for joining me on the journey.

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